Top Five Ways to Unclog Drains

Sometimes we experience clogged drains either in our bathrooms or kitchen sinks. This makes it hard for water to flow or the flow rate is very slow. How do you deal with clogged drains? What are the methods that you use to unclog your drains?


If you are wondering how you will deal with your clogged drain without paying for plumbing services, I will guide you. The following are top 5 ways you can use to unclog drains at home.


1.  Use of a plunger


A plunger can come in handy when you need to unclog your drains. The cup-shaped plunger is the one that is perfect for the job. They are available in different types like handheld and full length even though both types do the same kind of work.

To use it, half-fill the clogged drain with water then use fast plunges to ensure that you eliminate the clog. Do the plunging several times then pour water to see if the drain is still clogged or if it has become clog free.


2.    Baking soda and vinegar


Mix baking soda and the vinegar in one container and pour the solution down the drain immediately. Let the solution sit for close to an hour or more for the best results. After the mixture has dried up pour hot water down the drain as well to ensure that there is no residue of the solution.


3.   Boiling water


Boling water usually dissolves organic matter really fast. Using boiling water to unclog a drain is way simpler compared to other methods. When unclogging a drain, pour the boiling water directly into the drain in stages to allow the water to work in between each stage of pouring. Pour the water down the drain repeatedly for quite some time to ensure that there is no more clogging.


4.  Use of caustic soda


Pour cold water into a bucket and then add three cups of caustic soda to the water and then stir it well. When the mixture starts heating up, pour it down your clogged drain and then leave it for half an hour. When the minutes are over, flush the drain using boiling water as well to ensure the drain is well unclogged and that liquids can pass through the drain well without any blockage. Grab some more ways, click here!


5.  Wire hanger


If you have a wire hanger, you don't need to purchase a plunger as the hanger can pretty well do the job that the plunger does. Take one of your wire hangers and the straighten it out and then bend one end of the hanger to create a hook. Insert the hanger into the drain and then take out the solid particles that are causing the drain to clog. Fish out the solids as you pour water down the train to know if you are making any progress.


Final words


You don’t have to call a plumber to unclog your drains. With any of these methods, you can unclog your drain and ensure a smooth flow of water. Clean your drains regularly to prevent clogs from taking place.